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Saturday, July 16, 2005

How to be creative : first 10 points

This book is increadibly well written and inspiring.
Some important points from the book.

1. Ignore everybody : Don't seek other's advice. No one knows (including you) how good the idea is the moment it is created.

Good ideas come with heavy burden : relationships change, need initiative etc. So few people have them

2. Don't fight for BIG. Fight for change and sovereignty.
It is liberating doing something which is not to impress, to feel complete soveignity, to feel complete freedom for a change.

And the world respects that. World respects more your sovereignity and freedom than the BIGNESS of the idea or the actual content.

Doesn't have to be big. It should be your individual idea and amazing. More it belongs to you and amazing, more it will click.

3. Put the hours in

What seperates successful people from failures ? Time , effort and stamina.
Don't quit the day job. You don't feel pressured and money pressured to be market friendly. You can carry on with Calm.

Stamina is Utterly Important. Needs to be managed properly. Not crazy intense creative bursts but pacing it with calm.

Being good at anything is not easy. Takes effort and time.

Best way: Find that extra hour or two in the day and make it productive.

Put the hours in; do it for long enough and magical , life transforming things happen eventually.
Less time for going out etc. But is worth it.

4. No big shot success, but genuine , fought for well deserved success.

Nobody discovers anything suddenly. Things are made slowly and in pain.
Don't get lured by those middlemen, who treat you like a noodle in a pasta bowl.

5. The BIg idea ?

You never come up with the big idea in the first shot. You takes those ideas which look crazy, moronic but do them anyway.

6. Everyone is born creative; everyone has access to crayons in KG (the best point)

They take away the crayons at puberty and hand you a bunch of algebra books. duh. welcome to the real world.
Then years after, this voice inside you fights for those crayons back

What can kill this voice ?
That destructive greedy itch for making it a business from the beginning, the fear that the idea might fail, that things won't work out in th end. This is your Adult outer voice, a boring and tedious voice and its goal is to kill your inner creative voice. always worked hard your whole life; you.ll be damned if you.ll put all
that e.ort into something if there ain.t no pot of gold at the end of this
dumb-ass rainbow..

Your wee voice doesn't want you to sell something, it wants you to create something. That's the big difference.

Go ahead and make something, something special , something which blows away the mind of who sees it.

Your wee voice didn't show up because it wanted to make money. It showed up because somehow your soul depends on it. There is some light which needs to be swithed on . NOW

If you try to make something just to .t your uninformed view of some
hypothetical market, you will fail. If you make something special and
powerful and honest and true, you will succeed.

You have to listen to the wee voice or it will die....taking a big chunk of you with it.

They are only crayons. You didn't fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?


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