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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Points from the book Mastery

Five keys to Mastery:

* Instruction

* Practice
Practice is the goal itself , not the means. Its a noun for a master. Practice alone can give satisfaction, not craving for the end result.

* Surrender

* intentionality

The essential importance of imaging before any activity. Will power is secondary. E.g. of Jack Nicklaus :" a succesful shot , was 50 percent visualization, 40 percent setup, and only 10 percent swing"

What is really real ? What is most abstract is most fundamental and often most persistent over time.

"All I know," said Arnold, is that the first step is to create the vision, because when you see the vision there - the beautiful vision - that creates "want power" . For example, my wanting to be Mr. Universe came about because I saw myself so clearly, being up there on the stage and winning.

Every master is a master of vision


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