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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Focus on Discipline

Discipline is a necessary quality required for achieving anything long term in life. Without that all other qualities won't last and you won't be able to acquire newer habits/qualities too.

Focus on just one habit at a time and keep on working on it until you acquire it to a satisfiable degree. Do not confuse your mind by reading too much stuff and trying to grow up in many different areas at once.

I have to focus in adding discipline to my life: Focusing only on the critical tasks and adding structure to my life.

What is the discipline I am adding to my life:

1. Focus only on the tasks which are closest to the revenue line. Focus on the difficult and the most important tasks
2. Do not check email or unnecessarily browse the web. Stay away from the web
3. Focus on only one task at a time. More than one confuses the mind.


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