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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Good and Bad Procrastination

This article continues on the same theme as Brian Tracy ( Eat the frog ) and "Don't check your email in the morning"
It emphasizes that you must work on the most important problems you could work on : Think what you are doing right now, would it be mentioned in your obituary ?? Do not pass away time working on small errands and short term tasks. Interruption is very deadly and can greatly interrupt the flow for any significant task or project

People fear two things when working on bigger projects:
1. What if this doesn't work out ? It will be such a waste of time
2. There is no reward in the short term
Paul contends that this is almost always not the case. Working on big projects always lead to intersting directions and work.

You also have to be interested in the big problem. He emphasizes the "delight" factor for working on such a project. I also think discipline is an equally important component for doing anything long-lasting.

Three important questions we should ask ourselves are:
1. What are the most important problems in your field?
2. Are you working on one of them?
3. Why not?

Do not use errands as excuses to put off big and great work. Always work on the toughest and most difficult tasks, not the flimsy ones.

Another important point : To do big tasks you need a BIG chunk of time and the right mood. Value and create BIG chunk of times for yourself, don't fritter away the time ....


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