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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Reading the book "Never check your email in the morning"

I have realized one thing : I read too many books on different topics and that is just too damn confusing in the end.
I need to just pick one book and apply it to death. Only pick up another book until you are completely satisfied with all the gain you could get out of that book. Refer and read to the book as if your life depends on it.

This book I think will greatly help my work life. It focuses on 9 different competencies. The two competencies I have read till now is:
1. Focusing on the important tasks
2. Creating more time for these tasks

The main important points which I remember to apply right now are:
Competency 4

1. Work closest to the revenue line. Do not work on the unimportant 100s of differnet tasks. Focus on the dashes ( Morse code analogy) not on the dots. That is where the maximum value comes from in life. Read this section often
Ask yourself what is the most difficult task I have to do ? Focus on that. Don't shy away from these tasks.

2. Do not multitask. Focus on only one task at a time and help yourself both quantitatively and qualitatively

3. Stretch your time by Planning. Figure out what one thing you will be relieved to achive on a single day, if things went haywire. Just ONE, not two or three. And focus on doing that task. Figure it out the night before, not on the day. Indecision is the greatest time killer and creator of confusion.
Plan and find out your most critical tasks.

Also find your concentration threshold and identify what can you accomplish for that one slot. Focus on accomplishment which can also be reported later on to the powers that be,
Don't just work on a project, identify what you are accompishing in terms of milestones ( One hour milestones )

Competency 5

1. Stay away from email.
2. Create a structure for your day.

Don't remember others.


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