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Monday, January 02, 2006

Microsoft Phone Interview points

I want to apply for two positions : 1. Program Manager 2. SDE

What types of projects have inspired you in the past ?

1. Magnolia - P2P search and user-centric search discovery.
2. BTP Project
3. DoubleTrust
4. Claytronics
5. 3D Graphics Rendering and Animation Package

What are some self-directed missions that may have influenced your career direction?

I have always wanted to make an impact on lives using great software and technology.
School days: selling the first software, software writing.
The thrill of programming and expressing creativity via that medium is very exciting

Did you have a moment of epiphany when you KNEW what you wanted to be when you grew up?

When a person inquired that he wanted to buy my software in 6th grade, I knew this is just cut out for me. I just found a natural attraction towards implementing and designing new stuff on the computer.
* Sold FLIP back in 8th grade : The floppy indexing software
* Success in IIT projects and programming contests at school level

How does Microsoft fit into your vision?

* A big company geared towards providing working solutions to the ability to have a great impact on a lot of people using my skills
* Working with great people : Great people together can build great products and I love that kind of enviroment. It was lot of fun doing that
* Microsoft is very diverse so opportunity to work on different products and technolgies and diversify. It gives me lot of confidence that I can work on some great stuff there.
* Microsoft is also focusing on the webside of the software world, which I personally find very exciting.

What are some things that excite and motivate you?
* Seeing other people use something I created or had a major contribution in
* Working with real good people alongside together
* Creativity aspects: Thinking of new ideas from scratch or ways to improve existing stuff
* Implementing stuff and making the ideas work
* Web applications
* Technical research

What was your best course and your worst course ?
Best course : my BTP project : best project award, Theory of Computation : Looking at computation at a much higher level of abstraction and solving problems at that level, Design of Algorithms

Worst course : Physical Chemistry/Equilibria : Could not understand what he said . CS course: Operating Systems , the way it was taught....

What are the different MS groups/products you find interesting ?
* Windows Client : Systems programing It says distributed systems, performance, file systems, clustering. Operating system, browser technologies,
* Servers and Tools : Microsoft Application Server ( the product is a bit old now ), Windows Compute Cluster Server - MS-MPI. Web Services and Distributed Technologies - Indigo; Web services
* MSN : Search/shopping/social networking technologies, Instant messaging, Mappoint
* Information Worker: Access ?, Collaboration, Sharepoint technologies

1. Read the HPDC and IPDPS paper to understand what you did.
2. Understand Reverse Hashing
3. Gossip Protocols project

* Permutation, Combination
* Dynamic Programming
* Array/String Processing ( reverse words and stuff)

To reverse a string, only go till half the length and swap letters... , do not go all the way....

* Longest subsequence in array

* Get familiar with the resume...
* Get Familiar with MS different groups
* Answer generic expected questions
* Code a few coding examples
* Read the programming interviews exposed book


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